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Did Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Impact Amazon?

Complex Property Division, Family Law, High Net Worth Divorce|

After Jeff Bezos announced his divorce in January, investors paused to see which route Amazon was going to take.  If you follow the stock market, it's clear that Amazon stock was hit hard in 2018. Various reasons contributed, but stockholders couldn't help but ask, " was Bezos distracted with his divorce when Amazon was

Is Your Soon-to-be-Ex Hiding Assets?

Complex Property Division, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

Divorce happens for many reasons. If betrayal, infidelity, or lying played a part then you might have a hard time believing your ex in any regard. If this is the case, then you might want to look into your spouse is also hiding any assets. Is Your Soon-to-be-Ex Hiding Assets? If you doubt your

Have You Planned for Your Divorce?

Alimony / Spousal Support, Child Custody, Child Support, Complex Property Division, Family Law, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

You’ve heard of wedding planning but what about divorce planning? Just like any wedding, divorces can have multiple things that need to be taken care of before being finalized. Have You Planned for Your Divorce? Like a wedding, a divorce is not so straightforward. It’s not just a “sign the papers and you’re done”

The Family Dog During Divorce

Complex Property Division, Family Law, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer, Postnuptial Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements|

For many families, the family dog or cat is more than just a dog or cat, he or she is a member of the family. But what happens when you or your spouse decide to divorce? What happens to Rover? What Happens to the Family Dog During Divorce? While the

Find Out How Your Marital Assets May be Divided in a Los Angeles Divorce

Complex Property Division, Family Law|

For many Los Angeles couples, deciding to file for divorce or legal separation is the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be their last. There are a number of important matters that must be decided on during the divorce process, including child custody and spousal support, and for

Why It May Be a Bad Idea to Buy a House with Someone You’re Not Married To

Complex Property Division, Family Law|

Figuring out how to fairly divide community assets and debts when a married couple files for divorce in California is difficult enough, but with millennial couples and other unmarried couples now buying homes and investing in property together, this area of the law is fraught with a whole new set of challenges. There are

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