The McCourts: A Lesson in High-Net-Worth Divorce

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In October 2009, after 30 years of marriage, Jamie McCourt filed for divorce from her husband. It was a standard filing, citing irreconcilable differences. The high-net-worth divorce proceedings which ensued were anything but “standard” and involved an alleged affair, lots of press, bankruptcy, and a baseball team. The McCourts: A Lesson in High-Net-Worth Divorce

Your Prenuptial Agreement Needs a Social Media Clause

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A few years ago you may never have considered adding a social media clause to your prenuptial agreement. Well, the times have changed. Your Prenuptial Agreement Needs a Social Media Clause A few years ago – in the “prehistoric” time before Facebook and Instagram dominated our phones (and our time) - we most likely

Could Angelina Jolie Lose Custody of Her Children to Brad Pitt?

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Is Angelina Jolie risking losing custody of her six children? According to court documents, she might be if she doesn't allow Brad Pitt to visit with the six children the couple shares. Could Angelina Lose Custody of Her Children? According to recently released court documents, the Tomb Raider star might be in danger of

The Family Dog During Divorce

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For many families, the family dog or cat is more than just a dog or cat, he or she is a member of the family. But what happens when you or your spouse decide to divorce? What happens to Rover? What Happens to the Family Dog During Divorce? While the

The Top Most Disturbing Divorce & Family Law Statistics

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The Most Disturbing Divorce and Family Law Statistics Provisional number of marriages and marriage rate: United States, 2000-2014 Year Marriages Population Rate per 1,000 total population 20141 2,140,272 308,759,713 6.9 20131 2,081,301 306,136,672 6.8 2012 2,131,000 313,914,040 6.8 2011 2,118,000 311,591,917 6.8 2010 2,096,000 308,745,538 6.8 2009 2,080,000 306,771,529 6.8 2008 2,157,000

Find Out How Your Marital Assets May be Divided in a Los Angeles Divorce

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For many Los Angeles couples, deciding to file for divorce or legal separation is the most difficult decision they’ve ever had to make. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be their last. There are a number of important matters that must be decided on during the divorce process, including child custody and spousal support, and for

Why It May Be a Bad Idea to Buy a House with Someone You’re Not Married To

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Figuring out how to fairly divide community assets and debts when a married couple files for divorce in California is difficult enough, but with millennial couples and other unmarried couples now buying homes and investing in property together, this area of the law is fraught with a whole new set of challenges. There are

The Far-Reaching Implications of a California Child Custody Dispute

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Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience, but of all the painful family law-related issues that come along with divorce cases in Los Angeles, the most devastating are often the bitter child custody battles between parents who are unable to reach an amicable custody agreement. Take professional tennis player Victoria Azarenka, for example. The 28-year-old