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Is it a Good Idea to File for Divorce During the COVID-19 Health Crisis?

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

Is it a Good Idea to File for Divorce During the COVID-19 Health Crisis? No one expected the coronavirus pandemic to drag on as long as it has and now people who were planning to get a divorce prior to COVID-19 find themselves faced with a difficult decision: Do they file for divorce now

What Happens to Your Transition Payment During Divorce?

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

What Happens to Your Transition Payment During Divorce? Given the current state of the global economy and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus health crisis, unemployment is an unfortunate reality that people all over the world have been forced to deal with. Sadly, many of those people already experiencing unexpected job loss have also

Preparing for Tax Season with New Divorce Laws

Alimony / Spousal Support, Child Custody, Family Law|

When there are a lot of assets, such as in high net worth marriages, that need to be decided on in divorce, it’s important to remember the tax repercussions that can follow those decisions. That couldn't be truer than this tax season. As you prepare to pay taxes for 2018, you'll want to make

Legal Separation is an Option

Family Law, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

While divorce is often times a mutual decision, there are incidents where both parties do not agree to separate. When parties are not in agreement when it comes to ending their divorce, it can make discussions regarding property division, custody, and support decisions almost impossible. When the divorce is being contested, legal separation might

An Unusual Celebrity Co-Parenting Schedule

Child Custody, Family Law, High Net Worth Divorce, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

Since divorcing last year, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have not followed a "consistent or formal" co-parenting schedule or custody arrangement. Channing, in prioritizing his relationship with their daughter Everly, has hopes that having an official custody arrangement will help the five-year-old "thrive even more." An Unusual Celebrity Co-Parenting Schedule According to court documents,

Did Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Impact Amazon?

Complex Property Division, Family Law, High Net Worth Divorce|

After Jeff Bezos announced his divorce in January, investors paused to see which route Amazon was going to take.  If you follow the stock market, it's clear that Amazon stock was hit hard in 2018. Various reasons contributed, but stockholders couldn't help but ask, " was Bezos distracted with his divorce when Amazon was

When Doctors Get Divorced

Divorce for Business Owners, Family Law, Medical Doctor Divorce|

Doctors are in the practice of saving lives. When they can’t save their marriages, the fact that they’re a doctor can make the divorce even more difficult. Why is that? Because often times the practice will be counted as a asset when it comes to property division. This is why, if you are a

When Parents Divorce – How to Help Kids Cope

Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law|

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, including and especially for children. You’ll want to do your best to try and ease your kids through the process as best you can. Working with a family law attorney to figure out your child custody arrangement can help create a sense of normalcy which will allow you

NBA Star’s Ex in Violation of Restraining Order

Child Custody, Family Law, Restraining Orders|

Former NBA star Matt Barnes has accused ex, Gloria Govan, of violating the restraining order he has in place against her. According to him, she's violated the order 59 times and he's looking to place her in jail as a result of those violations. NBA Star's Ex in Violation of Restraining Order The couple

Is January Really Divorce Month?

Family Law, Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer|

There's been a seemingly long-standing trend that January is divorce month. Perhaps it's the familial pressure to stay together during the holidays, or it's the stress of the holidays which cause the tensions to finally break. Regardless of what the reasons actually are (and usually that's not just one holiday season) that are making

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