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When Parents Divorce – How to Help Kids Cope

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Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, including and especially for children. You’ll want to do your best to try and ease your kids through the process as best you can. Working with a family law attorney to figure out your child custody arrangement can help create a sense of normalcy which will allow you

NBA Star’s Ex in Violation of Restraining Order

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Former NBA star Matt Barnes has accused ex, Gloria Govan, of violating the restraining order he has in place against her. According to him, she's violated the order 59 times and he's looking to place her in jail as a result of those violations. NBA Star's Ex in Violation of Restraining Order The couple

Is January Really Divorce Month?

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There's been a seemingly long-standing trend that January is divorce month. Perhaps it's the familial pressure to stay together during the holidays, or it's the stress of the holidays which cause the tensions to finally break. Regardless of what the reasons actually are (and usually that's not just one holiday season) that are making

Divorce and Tax Law Changes Coming in 2019

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When there are a lot of assets, such as in high net worth marriages, that need to be decided on in divorce, it’s important to remember the tax repercussions that can follow those decisions. Making this even more overwhelming is the fact that tax laws will be changing in 2019. Divorce and Tax Law

Christmas Co-Parenting

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When you're a parent, you never ever want to miss a moment with your child. Because of this, for parents who co-parent, Christmas can be one of the hardest holidays. Christmas Co-Parenting Christmas can bring up a lot of emotions and challenges for parents who co-parent. It's not just the matter of deciding the

Can You Save Your Business From Your Divorce?

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When a successful business meets an unsuccessful marriage, can you still salvage everything you've built? Can You Save Your Business From Your Divorce? For those who are facing divorce while at the same time celebrating a successful business, it might seem like you cannot salvage the business. The truth is, growing your professional outlet

No Regrets for Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore is opening up about her divorce – and her upcoming nuptials. No Regrets for Mandy Moore When Mandy Moore, 34, split from singer Ryan Adams in January 2015, they did it amicably, releasing a statement through their rep: "It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are